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Cecropia is a Neotropical genus consisting of sixty-one recognized species with a highly distinctive lineage of dioecious trees.The genus consists of pioneer trees in the more or less humid parts of the Neotropics, with the majority of the species being myrmecophytic.Berg and Rosselli state that the genus is characterized by some unusual traits: spathes fully enclosing the flower-bearing parts of the inflorescences until anthesis, patches of dense indumentums (trichilia) producing Mullerian (food) at the base of the petiole, and anthers becoming detached at anthesis.Cecropia is most studied for its ecological role and association with ants.Its classification is controversial; in the past it has been placed in the Cecropiaceae, Moraceae (the mulberry family), or Urticaceae (the nettle family).The modern Angiosperm Phylogeny Group system places the "cecropiacean" group in the Urticaceae.

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